Empty Fest 11 Recap

Day 1 of Empty Fest took place May 1st at Refined Fool Brewery in Sarnia, ON.

2 stages. 8 performances. Hours of non-stop music.

In case you missed it, here are the artists that were featured in order of appearance.


1. A Loud Thing

Really cool low-fi indie psych sound. Listen here.


2. Jamaal Cody

Amazing electronic jazz. Listen here or else.


3. Rum Do

They are artful ambient experimental electronic music. Best described by fanimatist on BandCamp. "As dreamy at it is uncomfortable. As modern as it is vintage."


4. Gloin

Really wild and high energy music with garage rock vibes. Listen to their stuff on BandCamp here.


5. Horseless Headmen

Rad instrumental surf with hilarious song titles. Listen to their BandCamp here!


6. Jacob Barber's Melody Machine

Psychedelic pop rock! Listen here.


7. Pretty

Psychedelic proto-punk revival. We stan. Listen to them EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME.


8. Zoo Owl

Boy those light goggles were something else. Same with the rad DJing. Listen to the new EP here.

Thanks for discovering these rad artists. Unfortunately we couldn't make it to day 2 but all of the artist there were also guaranteed amazing.

All photos by Leanna Gennuso & Elijah Shark